Stock Market Challenge

UMFO members will have the opportunity to compete in the 9th annual Stock Market Challenge which is generously sponsored by Canada Life (formerly Great-West Life)

Trading begins on October 1, 2019 and ends March 22, 2020. There are over $8000 in prizes to be won throughout the trading period. 


New this year, members may also submit a 2-page investment thesis report for a chance to win $500 from Canada Life. This prize is independent of your ranking and is based on your ability to create a rational and analytical investment report. 

Prizes are paid out each quarter (Q4 & Q1), at the end of the trading period, and as a random giveaway throughout the year. Become a member today to gain access to one of the largest campus-wide competitions.


  • The Stock Market Competition will start on market open October 1, 2019, with the 6-month competition running until market close March 22, 2020

  • You must attend two Canada Life meetings to qualify for the prizes. This means a minimum of one (1) meeting hosted by Canada Life per semester

  • You must fill out the survey provided by Canada Life 

  • Each participant will have $100,000

  • Short selling, option trading, and the use of levered ETFs will not be permitted in the competition

  • Participants may make an unlimited number of trades during the competition period with a minimum of one trade per quarter

  • Viewing of other participant's portfolio will not permitted, and portfolios will not be permitted to be reset after the competition has starter

  • The minimum purchase price for stocks is $5

  • There is a 10% position limit for each participant's portfolio holdings

  • Commission of $9.99 will be charged for each limit, market, or stop
    trade. There will be no interest paid on cash.

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