The University of Manitoba Finance Organization

Plays a major role in the career preparation of students by providing access to relevant investment and financial skills, various networking opportunities and career workshops.

UMFO Executives

Jay Muller


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Jay is pursuing a major in finance and logistics and supply chain management. He is passionate about working with others to grow their experience and break into the finance industry. In his free time he likes to play hockey, fish and snowboard.

Isaiah Cockerill

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Vice President

Isaiah is currently completing his degree with a major in Finance. His goal as Vice President this year is to help students who are passionate about finance break into their desired career. This past summer Isaiah interned with CI Investments in Toronto. In his spare time, he enjoys golfing, as well as playing guitar.

Justin Li

Director of Marketing and Communications

Justin is a Finance and Marketing student. Justin is passionate about building relationships with others and expanding his network. Following graduation, he plans to pursue a future career in the financial services industry. As well, he enjoys managing subpar fantasy football/basketball teams and listening to all types of music (anything ranging from Kacey Musgraves to Gunna). He is also a graphic designer for the CSA for this year.

Sebastian Nacionales

Director of Marketing and Communications

Sebastian is currently, double majoring in Finance and Marketing. He decided to join UMFO to gain more knowledge of the financial world while becoming more active within the community. Through his work as a member of the UMFO Executive Team, he hopes to increase the organizations presence within the Faculty and assist students interested in finance. In his free time he enjoys sports, movies and being the manager of his slo-pitch team "The Ball Bangers."

Director of Corporate Relations

Dylan Howorth

Dylan is pursuing a major in Finance and Marketing. He is going into his final year in Asper. Dylan has previous experience on UMFO holding the role of Executive Assistant in 2019/2020. He has been working in commercial insurance at Aon during his last co-op term and enjoys sports and music in his free time.

Carter Butterfield

Director of Corporate Relations

Carter is a business student who is majoring in Finance and Marketing. In addition to finance, Carter loves meeting new people and working with others. He enjoys basketball, football and managing fantasy sports teams slightly better than Justin’s. A fun fact about Carter is that he has a very modest record collection with classics ranging from Frank Sinatra to Jay-Z.

Director of Corporate Relations

Karl Dela Cruz

Karl is looking forward to completing his degree with a focus on finance. He strives to work with industry leaders for students to gain exposure to opportunities in the field. This summer, Karl will be interning with Canada Life in the real estate division. Karl also enjoys lifting weights in his spare time and would love to travel the world.

Director of Social Media

Melissa Dreger

Melissa is in her fifth year of her studies pursuing a major in Finance and Marketing. She is thrilled about her position with UMFO because it blends together her majors. She is excited to join the team and spread the word about UMFO. Outside of her studies, Melissa enjoys running, playing hockey, watching a good flick, and spending time with her friends. 

Aman Mir

Director of Events and Logistics

Aman is going into his 3rd year and is pursuing a major in Finance. He is passionate about the capital markets. His goal is to guide and help Asper students into different Finance careers. As part of the executive team, he wants to get involved with the Asper community and meet new people. Aman will be doing his first Co-op term this summer with Canada Life in Winnipeg. In his free time, he likes to read books, watch space & science documentaries and enjoys playing soccer.

Jarah Al Dabous

Director of Events and Logistics

Jarah is a second year student at the Asper School of Business pursuing a major in finance. I decided to join UMFO to broaden my knowledge of finance and gain some valuable insight into the industry. In his spare time, he enjoys playing/watching sports (go Eagles!) and reading.

Esfir Goncharova

Director of Events and Logistics

Esfir is a 4th-year student pursuing a double major in Finance and Supply Chain Management. She is looking forward to developing herself in the field of finance as UMFO will allow her to utilizes her skills in order to further grow and develop events and opportunities for finance students. Outside of school and other extracurricular involvements, she greatly enjoys visual arts, music and running.

Laura Mickey

Director of Events and Logistics

Laura is currently pursuing a degree in Finance. She is excited to be a part of UMFO and enrich the student experience of those in the faculty. She’s an avid foodie and loves to explore the local food scene. In her spare time, she loves to play guitar and experience Manitoba’s hiking trails.

Director of Finance

Lawrence Urbanski

Lawrence is completing his degree majoring in Actuarial Mathematics & Finance. He is currently working at Canada Life as an Actuarial Intern. He is an avid reader who spends most of his free time reading as he is an admirer of philosophy, psychology, and politics. He keeps up with American/Canadian politics and current affairs very closely, so don't hesitate to stop him for a discussion! He also enjoys working out in his spare time and is a huge mixed martial arts fan.

Executive Assistant

Jeremiah Ezekwem

Jeremiah is pursuing a double major in Finance and Accounting. He is excited to be a part of UMFO to be able to work with students to learn new skills and advance his knowledge of the finance industry. In his free time, Jeremiah enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and working out.

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