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UMFO Recommended Resources

Here are various other resources. Be sure to check out the resources identified in the "Capital Markets" page.


Stock Chase

Search everything and an analyst may say about any given security.



Fantastic resource for looking up financial terms and general learning.


Economic Calendar has an economic calendar that allows you to view economic events that are coming up. 


Canadian Insider

Find out what insiders are doing. This is for Canadian stocks only but there are American equivalents.


Stock House

Find out what people are saying about any given security. Be cautious of individuals being over/under critical. 

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Equity Clock

Learn about seasonality of industries and the market in general.


Private news

It's important to have a wide range of sources for news as they have different perspectives. Wall street journal is recommended.

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Morning Star

Phenomenal source of information for Bonds, ETF and Mutual funds.


BNN Bloomberg

BNN Bloomberg is Canada's Business News Network reporting on finance and the markets.


Short Data

View short data on any given security.


Public news

CBC is also recommended as its funded publicly and has another perspective as a result. Its FREE use it.

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All around best site for trading. Extremely useful for basic charting and real time data.

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